Context-Scaled Agile for Practitioners


Speaker pitch

The Agile Community is infested with a Swarm of Less Safe Dads. Scaling practices developed by people who often haven’t done Agile beyond the classroom, and no thought beyond the certification process.
Come and hear stories about Scaled Agile from a Practitioner. Learn about the things you need to do beyond Scrum, Kanban, Cost of Delay and Lead Time. Learn about capacity planning at the portfolio level, of success and of failure so that you can avoid it. Hear tales about risk and governance… and hear about the most important thing of all… Context. Learn about contexts when Cost of Delay is Safe to use, and where it can cause failure in the prioritisation process.
Most of all, learn how attending conferences like FlowCon is an important risk management technique… but only if you speak to the practitioners and avoid the thought leaders.
Le mot de l’organisation
C’est Chris qui nous a proposé ce sujet et ça va sûrement décoiffer. C’est un orateur connu et reconnu sur la place anglaise, donc on lui fait toute confiance.