Continuous delivery @ Scale


Speaker pitch

“Continuous Delivery is fairly easy to implement in a ‘two-pizza team’. But what about when you have to adopt the practice across 10s or 100s of teams with legacy infrastructure, governance and security concerns not to mention clashing cultural norms. Not so simple.

Continuous Delivery is not a tool or a single team practice. There are several factors to a successful implementation: organisational, process and architectural. Each one will require significant changes in your organisation. I’ll share with you the common pitfalls and anti-patterns in each of these areas, which will hinder your ability to deliver your features and products rapidly at scale.”

Le mot de l’organisation

Nous sommes allés chercher Rachel Laycock suite à son passage à la pipeline conference. Pour resituer, elle est Head of technology North America dans une petite boite de conseil IT appelé ThoughWorks 😉 Dans cette conférence, elle nous fera partager ses retours d’expérience d’implémentation de Continuous Delivery avec ses Do and Don’t.