It is not about being fast, it is about making impact


Speaker pitch

AutoScout24 is working the Agile Way for 10 years now. On this journey, we realized that delivering fast and reliable is worth nothing as long as you don’t make any difference to your customers and your company. So we are not (only) optimizing for throughput and cycle time. Furthermore, we are trying to optimize the impact we achieve.

One of our best tools is Kanban, implemented on all three flight levels. Our company wall starts with the strategy and KPI’s of each of our cross-functional units and ends with ”Measure Success” and ”Impact Achieved”.

Le mot de l’organisation

Un autre orateur que nous sommes allés chercher à Lean Agile US. Si John Cutler nous parle produit plus que livrable, Matthias Patzak part de Kanban pour aller vers la mesure du succès.

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