Leadership at every level


Speaker’s pitch

Leadership is easy when you’re a manager, or an expert in a field, or a conference speaker! In a Kanban organisation, though, we « encourage acts of leadership at every level ». In this talk we look at what it means to be a leader in the uncertain, changing and high-learning environment of software development. We learn about the importance of safety in encouraging others to lead and follow, and how to get that safety using both technical and human practices; the neccesity of a clear, compelling vision and provision of information on how we’re achieving it; and the need to be able to ask awkward and difficult questions… especially the ones without easy answers.

Le mot de l’organisation

Liz, c’est une fan de BDD et de Cynefin. Dans cette session, elle parlera de leadership par le prisme de Cynefin. Attendez vous donc à entendre parler de modèle de leadership, de real options, de personal safety,… C’est une session qui permet d’avoir une vision d’ensemble sans rentrer dans les détails.