People Systems Design


Speaker’s pitch

We design services, we design software, we design businesses. We design systems. We design. System theory points out system changers are part of the system they change: when we push the system it pushes back. This workshop hopes to offer techniques to highlight and redesign our organisation.

Because each interaction we have with the team and organisations is modelling that team and organisation, as it models ourself back, this workshop aims to offer participants a concrete hands-on experience of impact and change. The protocol used follows the Theory U steps and is equally inspired from principles of how living systems.

The intention of this workshop is to offer participants a learning experience of how quality listening and redirecting perspective, along with power of intention can accelerate the emergence of innovation. The workshop is designed to offer participants a meaningful sensing of how collective intelligence operates. I We build teams and design everything. Mainly, we design ourselves.

Le mot de l’organisation

Un workshop bien rodé sur un des sujets tendance du moment à savoir le design. Les doers vont pouvoir se faire plaisir.