So you want a remote job, uh?


Speaker’s pitch

We are on the verge of a revolution in the workplace, which can easily be as big as the industrial revolution of the XIX century. In this talk I will build my case, and try to look at what the future could bring.

The talk starts by looking how remote work evolved during the last 2 decades, what’s today’s state of the art and some ideas for where we are going in the next decade. In particular we note what transformative technologies have impacted remote work in the past and how today’s impactful ideas will bring change to the world of working from elsewhere. Will we be working from Mars?

Le mot de l’organisation

Nous sommes convaincus que les approches décentralisées de type une équipe complètement éclatée vont se développer de plus en plus. L’intérêt avec Marco, c’est qu’il ne fait pas que parler de remote car il le vit au quotidien.