Katherine Kirk

Independent Consultant - Transformation in Tech

Who are you ?

I’m a solidly experienced independent Agile/Lean Coach and regular international conference speaker. My primary area of expertise lies in co-discovery and insight facilitation through exploring and combining eastern and tribal philosophy to find practical answers to tough, on-the-ground issues, specifically involving contextually driven edge-cases and the cultural interaction between hierarchical management and Agile/Lean teams.

I currently enjoy being an active participant of a community of Lean and Agile practitioners in Europe who explore and challenge the status quo through experimenting and collaborating

What will you be speaking about at flowcon ?

I will share us my recent experience at The Economist dealing with alignment between Executives, Business and IT worlds based on facing difficulties and getting a competitive advantage from those.
Sharing this experience at FlowCon is an opportunity to discover a lateral understanding of flow.
How can we get the IT out of linear world ?

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?

Meet people with lateral understanding of flow

Lean is linear, I’d like getting IT out of linear world

What is your favorite word ?

Equanimity :

In an eastern definition, it means awareness, calmness, compassion

The western meaning of the word is emotionless (impassible)

What is the question you would have like us to ask you ?

An authentic question.

Something like “how to deal with difficulties ?” Usually we understand it like a scourge of ill (with bleeding as a result).

Or about getting money by being kind, which is the new thing.

Another about the risk of cycle to control world. Avoid breaking others !


Aligning Leadership to a Lean-Agile Context


Speaker pitch Executives are now needed more and more to participate in collaborative strategy-making and adjustment. But navigating cultural, hierarchical and social boundaries can be challenging even for the most experienced Even Lean-Agile teams and divisions are often unintentionally scuppered by well meaning executives, leads and managers. Its a challenge rising to the fore as […]