Liz Keogh

Lean and Agile consultant

Who are you ?

Liz Keogh, aka Lunivore.

What do you do for a living ?

I help teams and organizations find better ways of working together, usually in the technology space, and with a fierce focus on people’s potential and the relationships they build with others.

What do you want to speak about at FlowCon ?

Cynefin (as always!)

What will make you say “waouh” at the end of the conference ?

New paradigm shifts. Models that help me see facets of human interaction that I hadn’t realised were important.

What will make you think that attendees have learnt a lot during your session ?

They don’t need to learn a lot. Sometimes a different way of looking at something they already know can help them be more effective. I’ll know if that’s happened because they’ll start making even more of a difference to the world.

What is your favorite word ?

« Haiku ». The word itself has a really interesting history, as well as sounding very beautiful.

What is the sound, the noise that you love  ?


What is the plant, tree or animal which you would love to be reincarnated into ?

I would love to be a Baobab tree… but not on an asteroid. That would be bad.

(« The Little Prince » is my favourite book; I have read it in French as well as English.)


Leadership at every level


Speaker’s pitch Leadership is easy when you’re a manager, or an expert in a field, or a conference speaker! In a Kanban organisation, though, we « encourage acts of leadership at every level ». In this talk we look at what it means to be a leader in the uncertain, changing and high-learning environment of software development. […]